Minx Nails

Minx nails have become the latest celeb must have, with hundreds of colours, designs and styles to choose from there is always a style to match your outfit.

Minx is a waterproof, metalic nail coating that is applied by only professionals and is applied to natural nails or enhancements with a heat lamp.

Minx takes about 20 minutes to apply and is dry instantly so no waiting for polish to dry and does not smudge or chip.

Minx has been publicised being shown on morning TV, worn recently by Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce to name a few and advertised in many magazines.

Minx can last for weeks all dependant on your daily activities however best applied fresh for special occasions although many clients are finding it lasts beyond 6 weeks on their toes!!

Why Minx?

• No drying time,
• Long-lasting,
• Smudge free
• Repairs cracks
• Hundreds of designs to choose from
• They are also easily removed by yourself under heat
Strengthens your natural nail

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