Ultra intense color with long lasting shine and wear for the perfect mani and pedi every time.

Formulated with micronized pigments, this traditional three-step system delivers smooth, uniform application with high-gloss and richly saturated colour. Developed for consumers who desire frequent colour change, and to simultaneously serve the needs of the professional nail community, Creative Play Nail Lacquer offers flawless results with minimal effort for the ultimate colour story every time.


– CREATIVE PLAY is CND’s new brand offering in the traditional nail enamel segment, targeting salon consumers who desire to constantly change their nail color. 

What are the benefits of CREATIVE PLAY? 
– CREATIVE PLAY delivers vibrant uninhibited nail color that provokes you to be unique and self-expressive with shades that are bright, multi-textured, and fun. 
– CREATIVE PLAY offers 80 vibrant colors across 10 finishes. 

How is CREATIVE PLAY Nail Lacquer removed? 
– CREATIVE PLAY Nail Lacquer is removed with CND Nourishing Remover or Acetone. 

What is the dry time? 
– CREATIVE PLAY is fast drying 

How long does CREATIVE PLAY wear? 
– CREATIVE PLAY has the standard wear of traditional nail enamel. 

Do the CREATIVE PLAY Nail Lacquer shades match the SHELLAC brand? 
– The CREATIVE PLAY Nail Lacquer shades are unique and do not match the SHELLAC brand. The shades are completely new additions to the CND portfolio. 

How does the CREATIVE PLAY Base Coat work? 
– CREATIVE PLAY Base Coat contains two mineral ingredients (talc and silica) to establish a solid foundation for over-lyiing nail color. 

What result does the CREATIVE PLAY Top Coat provide? 
– CREATIVE PLAY Top Coat is designed to provide high gloss and manicure protection, for brilliant shine and chip resistance. 

Can other Base or Top Coats be used with the CREATIVE PLAY Nail Lacquer? 
– It’s recommended to use CREATIVE PLAY Base and Top Coats with the Nail Lacquer to ensure optimal performance. 

What makes the CREATIVE PLAY color so vibrant? 
– CREATIVE PLAY is formulated with micronized pigments.

What are the benefits of micronized pigments? 
– Micronized pigments are milled to a very small particle size to deliver smooth, uniform application, high gloss, and richly saturated color. Micronized pigments help nail professionals achieve flawless results every time with minimal effort.

What is 7-free? 
– CREATIVE PLAY is free of 7 ingredients: toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, phthalates (DBP), formaldehyde resin, xylene, and MEK.

Are SHELLAC & VINYLUX brands 7-free? 
– The SHELLAC & VINYLUX brands are also 7-free.

Can you provide more information on the CREATIVE PLAY brush? 

– The CREATIVE PLAY brush is designed with nearly 400 bristle ends, which act much like a very fine toothed comb to deposit product smoothly and evenly. The CREATIVE PLAY brush and formula have been tested to ensure that they work together to create a smooth, precise manicure.

How does the CREATIVE PLAY brush compare to the SHELLAC & VINYLUX brand brushes? 
– All CND nail brushes have a well-controlled range of technical attributes, such as bristle length, diameter, and material of construction as well as bristle count and rod length. Each brush is designed to work with its respective product formulations, helping make the product easy to apply for top-quality aesthetics and performance.